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Our experienced creative team can tackle everything from a single marketing project to a detailed marketing plan, working with you until we successfully deliver your completed projects.

See our grid below for the variety of ways we can help you on project basis.


Our goal is to build a strong bond with you…and to reward you for choosing us as your go-to-creative team. When you reserve a block of our time every month to focus on your marketing needs, we offer you cost savings through our Rivet Rewards retainer program.


When you want a complete marketing planning and implementation strategy, without the expense of searching for and hiring a pricey C-level executive, our Virtual CMO is an ideal solution. All the benefits of a high-level advisor, plus the backing of an in-place creative team. And you can keep that prime parking space, too.



You have a vision. We’ll create a custom marketing plan to help you achieve it.


Your digital domain will be designed to capture new leads and compel clients to commit.

Public Relations

You’ve got a story to tell. We’ll help craft that message to attract targeted (unpaid) media coverage.


Let our journalists and marketing writers tell your story through persuasive, captivating copy.


Our high-end videos promote your strengths and help you make a positive impression across a multitude of digital platforms.


Build and sustain excitement for your live events with branding that gives your audience goosebumps.


From brochures to banners, our designs strengthen your brand and build confidence in your company.


Print costs can eat up your marketing budget. Consult with us to improve your bottom line.


Promote your brand and connect with your audience through our targeted social strategies.

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Our goal is to build a strong bond with you…and to reward you for choosing us as your go-to creative team.


Our Rivet Rewards retainer program gives you a discounted hourly rate when you reserve a set number of hours (monthly) for us to dedicate to your projects.

What Are the Benefits?


Preferred Status: As a Rivet Rewards client, you earn preferred status, guaranteeing your projects are our top priority.


Simplified Budgeting: Knowing in advance what you will spend on marketing support for the next 6-12 months removes any unexpected—and unpleasant—strains on your budget.

Rivet Rewards is our exclusive retainer program that rewards you for building a strong, on-going relationship with us.

Extra Perk


You can choose a 6- or 12-month retainer timeframe. When you make a 12-month commitment, we devote an additional, complimentary 3 hours to your account…EVERY month. We keep track of these bonus hours and, if you don’t use them, we donate them as in-kind marketing services to the non-profit of your choice.

Is it Easy to Pay?


Absolutely! Rivet Rewards members pay their retainer on the first day of every month. Rather than invoicing clients, we are set up as an auto-pay in their accounting system. You can also pay by corporate credit card monthly, if you prefer.


We keep accurate time sheets so you know exactly how much time we have devoted to each of your projects.


How Much Can I Save?


That depends on how many creative hours you reserve. Get in touch with us to see all your options.


At Rivet Marketing, we are ready to DTR (define the relationship).


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What’s the solution when you want a Chief Marketing Officer, but don’t want to pay a high salary, offer expensive benefits or get locked into a long-term commitment?

Hire us as your Virtual CMO.

More companies are pursuing marketing efficiency and effectiveness by opting for this new approach to high-level marketing expertise, while avoiding the long-term expense of adding to their C-level staff.


As your Virtual CMO, we work closely with you to determine your marketing goals, assess your current position and then build a detailed plan to help you achieve your sales and marketing benchmarks.


We not only build the plan for you, we produce, in-house, the creative work necessary to achieve each milestone. We also regularly fine-tune your plan, giving you the flexibility to respond to new opportunities.


Who does the work? We do. Our U.S.-based principals use their extensive experience in multiple industries to personally devise, develop and execute your plan. You will be collaborating with the people who actually work on your projects, ensuring everyone is hyper-focused on achieving your marketing vision.


Keep a sharp eye on your budget by knowing exactly what you’ll spend on marketing expertise and implementation for the next 12 months by choosing our Virtual CMO option.

Our U.S.-based principals use their extensive experience in multiple industries to personally devise, develop and execute your plan.

Contact us to learn what a Virtual CMO can do for you.

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