What Are the Benefits?


Preferred Status: As a Rivet Rewards client, you earn preferred status, guaranteeing your projects are our top priority.


Simplified Budgeting: Knowing in advance what you will spend on marketing support for the next 6-12 months removes any unexpected—and unpleasant—strains on your budget.

Is it Easy to Pay?


Absolutely! Rivet Rewards members pay their retainer on the first day of every month. Rather than invoicing clients, we are set up as an auto-pay in their accounting system. You can also pay by corporate credit card monthly, if you prefer.


We keep accurate time sheets so you know exactly how much time we have devoted to each of your projects.


How Much Can I Save?


That depends on how many creative hours you reserve. Get in touch with us to see all your options.


At Rivet Marketing, we are ready to DTR (define the relationship).


Our goal is to build a strong bond with you…and to reward you for choosing us as your go-to creative team.


Our Rivet Rewards retainer program gives you a discounted hourly rate when you reserve a set number of hours (monthly) for us to dedicate to your projects.

Extra Perk


You can choose a 6- or 12-month retainer timeframe. When you make a 12-month commitment, we devote an additional, complimentary 3 hours to your account…EVERY month. We keep track of these bonus hours and, if you don’t use them, we donate them as in-kind marketing services to the non-profit of your choice.

Contact us to explore all the benefits of Rivet Rewards!

Rivet Rewards is our exclusive retainer program that rewards you for building a strong, on-going relationship with us.

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